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"It's a paralyzing situation when we feel like we need to shrink, hold back, and be nearly invisible in order to be accepted and valued, but know, inside, that we're here to stand out."


You Should Know . . .

I'm relentless about my belief in showing up in the world as who you are, breaking the rules and creating a juicy as fuck life. The only thing in the way is you. Being paralyzed in your mind can be much worse than being paralyzed in your body - I would know.

I support women in building their confidence to live outside of the box, step into the most potent version of themselves and create the life of their MF'ing dreams.

It's time to turn down the outside noise, break some rules and turn up the bad bitch energy. 🔥 

A space for women who want to show up, vulnerably, to be seen, heard and known, boldly.

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